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Our fully qualified and OFTEC registered engineers cover all makes of domestic oil boilers and fuel tanks including:

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What does an oil boiler service involve?

Oil boilers need to be serviced by an OFTEC engineer who will take a look at several things during the service:

  • The controls of the boiler will be inspected to ensuring it’s working properly.
  • They’ll check inside the boiler by taking off the outer casing and inspecting the main components.
  • Safety is a big part of any service so the engineer will check for a carbon monoxide leak.
  • As well as carrying out a full service on the boiler itself, they’ll also inspect any oil storage tanks.
  • You’ll be left with a full report by the engineer which will explain everything that they’ve carried out.
  • In addition to the boiler, your oil storage tank also need to be checked for signs of water contamination, oil leaks or filter elements which may need cleaning or replacing.

Why should I have my oil boiler serviced regularly?

A regular check of your oil boiler may seem like another unwanted expense, but the price of a full boiler replacement will be much higher, not to mention the damage that a malfunctioning poorly-maintained boiler can do to your property. Regular maintenance by an OFTEC registered engineer will not only find any faults and keep heating bills to a minimum but will also put your mind at rest that your home is safe. There are several strong reasons why you should have your oil boiler serviced:


If an oil boiler isn’t burning its fuel correctly it may be emitting carbon monoxide. This colourless and odourless gas replaces oxygen in the bloodstream when breathed in and can cause, dizziness, headaches and nausea at the very least and in extreme cases can lead to brain damage or even death.

Keep heating bills low

As an oil boiler ages it will become less efficient and may cost you more to run, but a regularly serviced boiler will stay in optimum condition for as long as possible. This keeps your heating bills as cheap as possible and reduces your carbon emissions.

Prevent breakdowns

A boiler service is an OFTEC qualified engineer’s opportunity to identify small issues before they worsen and cause damage or a boiler breakdown.


Boilers are usually covered by a manufacturer’s warranty which means any repairs needed during that period are paid for by the manufacturer. However, these warranties are only valid if the boiler is serviced by a professional every year.

Annual oil boiler service is essential to keep your boiler working safely, efficiently and for as long as possible.

Due to the wear-and-tear our oil boilers receive from regular use, they are prone to develop small faults which can make the boiler more expensive to run. These can include parts wearing down, the occasional judder and protest when we use more than our usual amount of hot water and a general reduction in energy efficiency.

Small faults, if ignored, will lead to more serious problems with your oil boiler, such as leaks, breakdowns and significant damage to your own home. Find out when you should be having your oil boiler serviced, why it matters and how much it’s likely to cost you.

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